Contemplate serie

This collection of decorative wall plates breathes second life into second hand crockery. By combining my art, design and styling background with my fascination of flea-market finds, I create plates that are, quite literally, in your face.


Items normally found on the dining room table become storytellers, at home on the walls of your house. These thrift-store rescues speak to the numerous hands they have passed through, the volumes of conversations had around the tables they were once set on. The porcelain and glass vessels carry these stories with them, from one generation to the next. Each plate is the face of a misfit -  incomplete sets of glasses, a single teaspoon, the piles of saucers that lost their cup partners decades ago.


Through the Contemplate series, these once valued family heirlooms that were lovingly passed down family lines, only to eventually be left behind on racks of second hand stores, are given a new voice to tell their side of the story.

All I Want for Christmas is the Perfect Dinner Party collection


Oh, that night, she was the cream of the crop


And just like that, he found himself in a pickle


He spilled the beans, long before they even sat down


There was no doubt about it, she was the apple of his eye 


She finished her story, he was left with an egg on his face


Her comment left everyone with much food for thought


And, in that very moment, she knew he was sugar coating everything


He was a tough nut to crack


Those two were like two peas in a pod 

€140- (set price)

He kept as cool as a cucumber during that


Of course he knew there were bigger fish to fry 


Well, she took it with a grain of salt


Her seating arrangement sure spiced things up


She was all buttered up


Her compliments had him like butter in her hands